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Mindful Eating - 30 mins

Mindful Eating - 30 mins

How often do you sit down to eat and actually think about the food in your mouth? The flavours, the aromas, the sensations on your tastebuds? Mealtime often happens while doing other things - working, watching TV, chasing kids, chatting to friends, reading, or scrolling on the phone. When you’re distracted, you’re taken away from the experience of the wonderful food before you.

In this Retreat Ritual you’ll be practicing mindful eating. By tuning into what you're eating and being more mindful, you'll actually finish your meal feeling more satisfied and full.


"I am calm, I and grounded. Today is flowing with ease"

Feel: Feel present, feel nourished.

Time: 30 mins

What you'll need: 
 - All ingredients & tools listed in a recipe you feel like making. (You can find over 40 delicious recipes here)
 - Silence


1. Turn off your phone to limit distractions.

2. Create the delicious and nourishing Bountiful Buckwheat Pancakes, or if this doesn't tickle your fancy, scan the QR code to access some more delicious recipes. Enjoy the process of creating this wholesome meal.

3. Sit down to enjoy your meal, repeating your affirmation to yourself.

4. Tune into the flavours in your mouth. What can you taste? What are the textures? Think about how this food is literally fuelling your cells and giving you energy. Repeat your affirmation to yourself and reflect on how lucky you are to be able to fuel your body with such nourishing foods.

5. Finish your meal feeling satisfied, nourished and content.


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