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Morning Mindful Pamper - 20 mins

Morning Mindful Pamper - 20 mins

We’re sure you’ll agree with us when we say that most mornings when we wake, we’re on autopilot.

We get up and get ready for the day, brushing our teeth as we mentally rattle off our to-do list, eating our breakfast as we rush out the door, and arrive at work or wherever we need to be, having not really been present at all. 

We live absent-mindedly, worrying about the future or dwelling on the past, and in doing so, we miss the magical, in between moments of the right here and now. The seemingly insignificant stuff, that actually holds a lot of significance; because they're moments from our life that we'll never get back.

So it’s important that we regularly check in with ourselves and think “am I doing this mindlessly, or mindfully? Is this bringing me closer to the present moment, or tearing me away?”

By regularly practising mindfulness, whether it’s in your usual morning skincare routine, or even as you make your cuppa coffee in the morning, 

In this ritual you’ll be practising mindfulness as you run through your morning ‘pamper’ routine. If you start to practise this regularly, you’ll notice that your experience of life becomes deeper, that the sun shines brighter, the world feels more joyful, and your smile becomes a little wider.


Feelings: Feel beautiful, feel well

Time required: 20 minutes, can be practised daily.

What you’ll need: Any products that make up your usual skincare routine.


  1. After you’ve woken in the morning and are ready to do your morning skincare routine, take a deep breath to centre you into the moment.
  2. Repeat your affirmation and use this as an anchor if you find yourself drifting into the world of worrying about what happened yesterday, or stressing about the day’s tasks that lay ahead.
  3. Pull your skincare out and embark on your usual routine, but this time, do it mindfully.
  4. As you apply your cleanser, your serum or moisturiser, or whatever you may use - feel the product on your skin - is it cold or warm, does it feel thick or smooth? Really focus on the sensations of applying these products to your face. Do it slowly, and intentionally.
  5. Once you’ve finished doing your skincare routine, take note of how you’re feeling. Are you feeling relaxed and calm?
  6. As you take on the day, try and carry the affirmation and frame of mind with you; taking mindfulness wherever you go.

Affirmation:I am centred, here in this moment. There is nowhere to rush to, or nowhere to be. I am allowing myself to be here and now


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