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Nervous system reset, with Emma Maidment

Nervous system reset, with Emma Maidment

When life is busy and we’re running around trying to keep up with it all, our nervous system is often in overdrive - meaning we’re living in a sympathetic nervous system state, also known as ‘fight or flight’. 

While this can be helpful when we’re trying to move through times of stress, it’s unhealthy to live in this state for extended periods of time - often leaving us feeling anxious, overwhelmed and strung out.

This short but sweet yoga practice will have you moving in a very intentional way, working with a specific counted breath and intentional sequence to help you regulate and reset your nervous system, meaning you’re better equipped to handle the stresses of everyday life.


Feelings: Feel calm, feel centred.

Time required: 25 mins

What you’ll need: A yoga mat, some comfortable clothes


  1. Access the Nervous system reset, with Emma Maidment
  1. Feel grateful for each deep stretch and strong pose; appreciate your body for its ability to move and support you.
  1. Breathing deeply, allow yourself to completely relax and surrender to this yoga sequence.


“I allow myself to rest, relax and restore”

Emma Maidment is an internationally renowned meditation and yoga teacher, speaker and author. She packed up a thriving career in public relations to pursue an embodied life of wellness and inspire people to live a life in flow. When she’s not working or raising her two little boys – River and Osha – with her partner, Tyson, you’ll find her chasing waterfalls, soaking up beach days, eating good food and sipping on coffee. Emma is featured regularly in magazines and wellbeing publications, presents at festivals and corporate events, and facilitates wellness experiences. She is the co-founder of Flow States Collective and the host of The Flow Lane podcast. You can follow her journey on social media @EmmaMaidment_ and you'll find her new book 'Find Your Flow' in all good bookstores and online. 



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