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Nourish your skin with love - 10-20 mins

Nourish your skin with love - 10-20 mins

This ritual is by special guest, Stacey Lim of Uluna: co-founder, Gemmologist, meditation therapist, transformation coach, Crystal + Reiki Master Healer, NLP Practitioner and Autonomic Nervous System Reprogrammer.


We often find it easier to focus on the parts of our bodies we desire to change rather than feeling gratitude for the body we have. The Body Love Ritual Oil has been created to evoke feelings of self-love with each nourishing drop.

Not only will this oil keep your skin glowing, you’ll feel nurtured by the energetics of each ingredient, including the all-empowering pure gold flakes.

Through a mindful ritual focused on self-honour and gratitude, you’ll soak up a new vibration that supports your connection to who you authentically are and establish unconditional love of that person. 

Self-care runs deeper than the skin and Uluna’s products aim to support your journey to feeling content; mind, body and spirit.

Feel nourished, feel nurtured

Time required: 10-20 minutes

What you’ll need: Uluna’s Body Love Ritual Oil from your Spring ‘In the Flow’ Box, a safe space to nourish your skin and any other ceremonial elements (think candles, music, a cup of tea/cacao).


  1. Set the scene and create a beautiful ambiance to support your ritual. Light a candle, play some music or pour a warm beverage.
  2. Strip off! This is best experienced after a warm soak or shower when your mind and body are in a calm and relaxed state.
  3. Lovingly apply a generous amount of Body Love Ritual Oil to the palms of your hands and slowly massage into your skin from head to toe. With each area focus on feelings of gratitude as you reflect on how each part has supported you. Consider your body's strength, health, beauty and uniqueness.
  4. Be sure to take slow, deep, mindful breaths to inhale the aroma and anchor in these high vibrational feelings and repeat the following affirmation throughout your ritual: “My body is loved and I nourish my skin with care.”

You can find out more about Uluna here.

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