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Pamper sesh - 30 mins

Pamper sesh - 30 mins

It’s not selfish to take me-time; it’s actually a necessity. It’s how we reconnect with who we are and what we want; it allows us to focus on where we want to be; it recharges us to tackle responsibilities and chores with a fresh perspective. Simply put, it’s what makes us feel good every moment of the day. If your cup is totally empty, it’s hard to put one foot in front of the other — and all those tricky things feel so much lighter when we’re recharged. So be sure to prioritise you.

For many of us, if we don’t intentionally carve out time for self-care, the opportunity to do so won’t just drop in our laps. You have to be intentional about your self-care time; to place it above other things, so you build up energy and vitality to use when you need it. 

If you haven’t had you-time in a while, now is the perfect moment to go all-in on a pamper session. Turn off distractions, remove yourself from the daily rush, and indulge wholeheartedly in time that is dedicated to you. Use this Retreat Ritual to make yourself feel wonderful.


Feelings: Feel present, feel nurtured.

Time required: 30 minutes to yourself.

What you’ll need: Your favourite skincare and self-care goodies. 


  1. Create a self-care haven. Pop on a playlist, light a candle or incense, and tidy a space you can savour. You will soon be focusing on every aspect of your body and mind.
  1. Pamper your body. Treat yourself to something that makes you feel good, whether it’s an iced coffee, a sweet bite or the nourishment you need. Pour a warm cup of tea and slide on your favourite slippers.
  1. Pamper your hair. This is a beautiful time for a leave-in treatment; enjoy knowing the products are doing the work for you, while you indulge in a well-deserved self care session.
  1. Pamper your face. Apply a luxurious eye cream, spray a face mist, hydrate and cleanse. Use products that make you feel spoiled. 
  1. Pamper your skin. Give yourself a hand massage with body oil, or use it to nourish the skin all over your body.
  1. Pamper your mind. Affirmations are a beautiful way to do this; wrap yourself in immense self love, give yourself compliments, celebrate your achievements, recognise your strengths, and acknowledge yourself for everything you’ve done.


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