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EOFY Mid Year Reset SALE: Use code RESET20 for 20% OFF | Express shipping + Afterpay available

Time to reflect - 20-30 mins

Time to reflect - 20-30 mins

When was the last time you took a conscious moment to really look back on your life, your history and all your experiences up until now?

Was it at the start of the year, while you took stock of the 12 months just gone? Or was it when the clock struck and you turned another year older? Or, was it neither... maybe never?

There aren’t many times a year that you are called into reflection, but the act of reflecting is an ever so important exercise. In a busy world, the life you lead is noisy, fast paced and ever changing. You are always moving forward, looking towards the next thing, the next event, the next task, but all that forward motion leaves little room to see how far you’ve already come. To relish in all that you’ve achieved to get where you already are.

There is also so much to be learned from the past. There is so much wisdom and insight that, with conscious attention, can be used to improve your life right now, and your future.

It’s with reflection that comes a mindset shift. It’s with reflection that your outlook on life can change. It’s with reflection that you begin to see the highs and lows of life as an ever present ebbing and flowing tide. It’s with reflection that you can find a greater sense of connection to self.

In this Retreat Ritual, you’ll be taking some time to reflect. The questions are crafted in a way that they could be applied to any period of time - ie. you could practise this Retreat Ritual nightly, at the end of each day. Or, you could practise it once a month or year, to learn, discover, learn and connect.

Feelings: Feel connected, feel grounded.

Time required: 20-30 mins (or longer, if you have time).

What you’ll need: A pen and paper/


  1. Find somewhere quiet to sit, undisturbed. Light a candle or incense, and pop on a calming playlist.
  2. Decide what period of time you want to apply this reflective exercise to. Do you want to do it in relation to this past week, or do you want to reflect on the year just been?
  3. Using your pen and paper, answer the questions. Don’t overthink the answers, just write what comes to your mind. Try not to judge either, just let it all out, onto paper.
  4. Take a moment to breathe and let it all settle in. Trust the process of reconnecting with you.


  • How have I been feeling, truly?
  • What has been challenging?
  • What could I have done differently?
  • Where could I improve?
  • What has brought me joy?
  • How could I add more of this to my life moving forward?
  • What lessons have I learned?


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