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Why it's important that we take the time to ground ourselves

Why it's important that we take the time to ground ourselves

Grounding has become a popular concept, but you might be thinking “why is it important that we take the time to ground ourselves?” 

Some common signs that you are ungrounded and may need to take a moment to rebalance your systems might look like;
- irritability
- overwhelm
- engaging in drama
- feeling distracted
- impatience
- anxiety
- focusing on material belongings or physical appearance

A lack of grounding impacts our physical bodies just as much, if not more. This might look like;
- poor sleep 
- chronic pain
- fatigue
- inflammation
- poor circulation
- headaches
- dizziness

So, what can we do for ourselves to bring ourselves back into a grounded state?
Most of our distress results from a disconnection from our bodies and so this needs to be remedied first. When we connect physically we also become more expansive and are able to better hold the space for our emotional and mental stress. For this reason most grounding techniques focus on physical actions that are designed to redistribute the energy from your mind, back into your body, and in doing so this can offer a calming effect to all body systems.

Some simple techniques you can implement almost anywhere to ground yourself include a practice called “Earthing” where we bring our skin directly into contact with the Earth. As simple as standing on some grass with no shoes, this technique creates a grounded connection and helps the energy in our system settle.

Research suggests that connecting to the ground allows a transfer of negatively charged electrons from the Earth into the body. The electrons neutralise positively charged free radicals that damage our cells and are believed to cause cancer and other diseases. Grounding yourself this way has been shown to support cardiovascular health, reduce inflammation and chronic pain, improve sleep, increase energy, relieve muscle tension and headaches, support hormonal systems, speed up healing and protect the body from the effects of EMFs.

The following practices can be combined with Earthing or can be used when you don’t have the possibility to get yourself outside...
The simple practice of consciously following your breath by observing the air as you inhale and exhale brings awareness back to your physical body and calms the whole system. The more we connect with and sit with our breath the stronger its ability to ground us becomes. Visualising the breath coming up from the Earth and back down into the Earth grounds the body further.

Another practice is to place one hand over the crown of your head, here you are connecting with your higher self while also taking a moment to ground that energy and bring it back into the body. This calms the chakra and acupressure systems in the body and is even better if combined with following your breath and better again if combined with some Earthing.

Taking a moment to ground and find your centre in each day will bring you back to yourself and your body systems back into balance.


Thanks to Hannah Ehrbar from Aurelia Alchemy for sharing this article with us.
Hannah works with clients on all aspects wellbeing, whether it be physiological, emotional or spiritual, to positively move forward in their lives.

What began with little girls hiding in hedges, mixing flowers and water to make magic in film canisters, turned into a long life passion that has fuelled years of study, research, work and soul searching to create the Aurelia Alchemy aromatherapy product range. Aurelia Alchemy products are a blend of aromatherapy, vibrational medicine, a little bit of earth medicine and a whole lot of magic.

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