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DIY Healing Bath Salts - with From Earth

DIY Healing Bath Salts - with From Earth

There is nothing quite like a bath to calm the mind and soothe the soul! 

Bathing dates back thousands of years, with various cultures having historically recognised the physical and emotional benefits of water immersion.

From Earth constantly strives to bring us back to the these ancient traditions and show us the strength of Mother Nature and her miraculous healing properties.

Charlotte, From Earth founder, has shared with us a very special bath salt recipe for you to make at home...

Charlotte From Earth Founder

Healing Bath Salts

  • 2 cups of Australian Rock Sea Salt
  • 2 cups of Epsom salt (filled with magnesium)
  • 2 tsp green Australian clay or Australian red clay
  • 5ml lavender essential oil
  • 5ml rosemary essential oil

Once you have made your salt base, you can really let the creative juices flow...

  • Add around 1 tbsp of dried botanicals per cup of salt, we recommend:
    - Rose Petals
    - Lavender Flowers
    - Chamomile Flowers
    - Rosemary
    - Bay leaves
  • Mix together
  • Store it in an airtight container
  • Add 4-5 tbsp every time you have a bath.

Once made, pop on some music, and make a cup of tea, (or perhaps a glass of wine!) and soak away.



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