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How to Embrace and Master Your Unique Energetic Anatomy

How to Embrace and Master Your Unique Energetic Anatomy

By Greer Stening of Human • BY DESIGN

Self-love requires us to take radical ownership of who we are and Human Design is the modern tool that helps us hold that pose so we may continue to elevate, innovate ~ and support one another ~ in our uniqueness. 

According to the system of Human Design, you aren’t just your body, instead you are an energetic form, hovering within and around a physical form. It is this form ~ your body ~  through which you engage with this material plane, AKA the world around you. 

The Human Design system synthesises the sacred esoteric wisdoms of Western Astrology, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakras, the Chinese I-Ching and the Kabbalist/Zohar Tree of Life. However, it is also principled upon several modern sciences; namely Quantum Mechanics, Physics, Epigenetics and Astronomy. Your precise birth time, date and location are used to formulate a wholly unique and hyper-detailed chart, known as a ‘BodyGraph’.

Human Design is poised as a language of self-awareness that causes us to remember who we are and teaches us how to hold ourselves compassionately accountable for our choices, expression and expansion ~ as individuals, as communities, and as the collective human species. 

 The Human Design system, like human beings themselves, is highly complex and can seem a bit daunting at first blush. But in truth, learning about and living your Design requires nothing more than a {responsibly delivered} introduction to your Human Design chart, preferably by a trained guide, some inner contemplation and a devotion to fuelling your self-awareness.  

Your Human Design chart is a depiction of your wholly unique energetic anatomy. But beyond even that, it is an in-depth and nuanced framework which is imbibed with helpful cues as to the ways in which you as a unique individual are designed to connect with and conduct your bodily energy as you journey through life ~ and this is how Human Design empowers us to transform back into our integral wholeness. 

Aside from the ocean of detailed information about your personality and bodily energetics, the enormous value of the Human Design system lies in the tools and language it introduces, allowing you to cultivate an intelligently insightful and self-aware inner dialogue and elevated relational cognisance. In other words, when you know and understand your own unique energetics, your relationship with yourself and with others can move to a whole new level of fulfilment.  

My suggested approach for those first diving into Human Design is to start by learning the dynamics of each of the Energy Centres {modern form of the Chakras} and the specific way they express in your chart and the charts of your loved ones. The Energy Centres are the foundations of who we are as a species ~ how we give, receive, experience and process different forms of energy; they explain the biological and evolutionary purposes of our differentiation as individuals. Even a basic understanding of the Energy Centres can wholly transform our self-awareness and relationships. 

Next, move on to understanding your Energy Type ~ the form and nature of your Aura and how to drive it {called your Strategy}. This aspect is all about how you are designed to manage your energetic bank account in a way that gives you a return on your investment! From there, deeply explore and experiment with your Authority ~ your body’s specific brand of intuitive intelligence. You will reap so much autonomy, sovereignty and self-trust from honing this instinctual awareness within you. Then I suggest connecting to your Profile and the framework it canvasses for the expression of your sense of personal fulfilment in respect of the work you are here to do in this lifetime. 

There are universes more to contemplate within your Human Design chart but these elements alone, when embodied, can have a profound impact on your personal and interpersonal life experiences, not to mention your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Resist over-identifying with any specifics that you may learn as you engage with this system. Instead, follow its cues for inner contemplation and allow its language to lead you to your own sovereign Truth. 

When you do, you will find that Human Design is the supportive tool that keeps on giving.


Greer Stening is an Australian based Human Design authority and guide. Having overhauled her life after walking away from her long-term profession as a litigation lawyer, Greer experienced the sincere value of Human Design led awareness techniques for herself. She is passionate about empowering others with the self-awareness needed to achieve personal sovereignty, elevated relationships and businesses, personal clarity and fulfilment and honed bodily intuition. Greer offers Human Design readings, 1:1 guidance and educational group sessions.




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