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FREE shipping on boxes + orders over $100 | Express shipping + Afterpay available | 8000+ 5 star reviews

Introducing your 'Bloom' retreat brands.

Introducing your 'Bloom' retreat brands.

Every single product and brand featured in the 'Bloom' retreat was chosen for one core reason, to help you bloom. 

The products included in this Retreat Box act as your retreat tools. They, paired with the purposefully chosen breathing exercise, 'Bloom' themed playlist, your Retreat Guide and other knowledge and activities included, will set the blissful scene for your entire retreat. Everything you need is right there inside the 'Bloom' retreat already. 

The products are here to delight you, nourish you, soothe you, calm you, and to help you open up. They are here to encourage you to bloom.

It's time to explore...

Aurelia Alchemy, Balance Essential Oil Roller

RRP $30.00

What: We live in a world that values being busy, overworked and constantly striving to do more, be more, have more. This blend is crafted to support those caught up in the "doing" of life so that they can create space for themselves to step into a more mindful way of moving through life.

Mini Retreat Step: Create a ritual just for you. One that catches you as you rush through the day and encourages a gentle pausing. Wherever you are, roll your Balance Essential Oil Roller across the underside of your wrists and behind your ears. Now, close your eyes and breathe mindfully. Long, slow and deep. In through your nose, inhaling the calming scents, then breathe out, letting it all go. Let go of your day, worries, happenings around you and focus on the smell and reconnect with your breath.

Discount Code: RYSPRING for 25% off storewide until 31/03/22 (some exclusions apply)
IG: @aurelia_alchemy
FB: @aureliaalchemymagick

Switch Nutrition, Coffee Switch 

RRP $24.95 

What: Coffee Switch is a nootropic mushroom elixir designed to provide a brain-boosting health kick. It will give much more than the regular cup of coffee... plus it's healthy!

Mini Retreat Step: Make it your mission to feed yourself brain foods for optimal brain power throughout the day. When the afternoon slump starts to hit, take five minutes for yourself. Step away from the task at hand and prioritise fuelling your brain with nutrients to see you through the rest of the day. Spend a couple of minutes lovingly preparing a Coffee Switch, and then spend another few minutes enjoying your beverage. No phones, no computers, no distractions, just take this time to recharge.

Discount Code: RYSPRING for 15% off online until 31/01/22
IG: @switch_nutrition
FB: @switchnutritionaus

Mt Elephant, Superfood Protein Balls Mix

RRP $9.95

What: A perfect snack for anyone on the go! The Mt Elephant Superfood Protein Ball Mix comes in three delicious flavours - Salted Caramel, Chocolate Cherry & Chocolate Hazelnut – specially formulated to provide you with long-lasting energy to keep you full until your next meal.

Mini Retreat Step: Grab your speaker and head to the kitchen, hit play on your favourite sing-along tracks and grab out everything you need to whip up a batch of nourishing Superfood Protein Balls. As you measure, whisk and stir, let loose. Dance and sing to your heart's content, pouring an extra dash of love right into the mix of your protein balls. The best part, these are ready to eat straight away, ideal for refuelling after your dance party.

Discount Code: RYSPRING for 15% off online until 31/12/21
IG: @mt_elephant
FB: @mt.elephant.foods

SimplyClean, Lemon Myrtle Air Freshener 

RRP $5.65

What: The disinfecting power of Lemon Myrtle Air Freshener is boosted by the natural antibacterial property of native lemon myrtle oil, neutralising odours at the source. SimplyClean uses only the best and essential ingredients to leave your home smelling naturally fresh.

Mini Retreat Step: Give your home a reset. Clear the tails of the winter energy and lift the vibrations of your home from within. Start with opening up doors and windows, including unused rooms and those that lead outside. Let the air drift through, the fresh air from outside encouraging a reinvigorated flow of air through stagnant places. Then move room through room, spritzing the corners of each space with your air freshener, giving new life to all areas of your home.

Discount Code: RYSPRING for 10% off online until 30/11/2
IG: @simplycleanhome
FB: @simplyCleanHome

Kiika, Brightening Exfoliant Powder

RRP $29.95

What: Kiika’s Brightening Exfoliant Powder is your at-home Microdermabrasion. Jam-packed with natural Aussie ingredients, your skin will love the daily deep clean. Mango, papaya and pineapple smooth, soften and brighten to give you a totally fresh look. 

Mini Retreat Step: Slip this into your skincare routine every other night and watch as you reveal smooth, glowing skin. Play some calming tunes and light a candle as you prepare your exfoliant, then apply with your eyes closed, breathing deeply and slowly. As you feel the exfoliant working its magic, count three things you are grateful for today.

Discount Code: RYSPRING for 15% off online until 01/12/21
IG: @kiikaskin
FB: @kiikaskin

Kez's Kitchen, Choc Golden Snaps

RRP $7.00

What: Kez's Kitchen's Choc Golden Snaps are deliciously crunchy biscuits handcrafted from wholesome ancient grains, coconut, almonds and golden syrup and dipped in decadent chocolatey goodness as a final touch of blissfulness. 

Mini Retreat Step: After months of cool, grey weather, it's time to soak up the spring sun. Find a warm, sunny nook and set yourself up with a snack of Choc Golden Snaps. As you bask in the glow, be mindful of each bite that you take. Bask in the flavour of your snack. Enjoy every crumb. Thank yourself for giving yourself this moment of warmth and sweetness.

Discount Code: RYSPRING for 10% off online until 31/03/22
IG: @kezs_kitchen
FB: @kezskitchen

Koala Eco, Hand & Body Lotion

RRP $19.95

What: Koala Eco Natural Hand and Body Lotion is a biodegradable and eco-friendly plant-based formula that is safe for sensitive skin. Scented with Australian essential oils in either Lemon Scented Eucalyptus & Rosemary OR Rosalina & Peppermint, combining some of nature’s best stress relievers, super healers or anti-inflammatories in powerful, aromatic formulas.

Mini Retreat Step: Your hands do SO much. Every single day you use them endlessly. So it only makes sense to give them a little R & R. Grab your Hand & Body Lotion and sit somewhere cosy. Place one pump into your palm and, with the other, really massage the lotion into your hand. Pay special attention to the knuckles that join your fingers to the palm and start to head up your arm, around the wrist too. Once one hand is complete, swap to the other.

Discount Code: RYSPRING for 20% off online until 28/02/22 (some exclusions apply)
IG: @koalaeco
FB: @koalaeco

Freshwater Farm, Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

RRP $15.00 per bar

What: Freshwater Farm Shampoo & Conditioner Bars have been specially formulated with their signature essential oil blends to suit various hair types. Each bar is pH balanced to ensure your hair and scalp remain hydrated and healthy. There are three variants available to address your individual hair needs. Mandarin + Cedarwood, Hemp Seed, or Rosewater.

Mini Retreat Step: Take your retreat into the shower with you. At a warm but not scalding temperature, wash your hair with both your shampoo and conditioning bars. Pay special addition to your scalp, treat it with love, get your fingers in there and give it a good massage. Focus on your temples, the tip of your forehead and the base of your neck. Release any tension and soak up the gorgeous scents of your bars all while nourishing your strands.

Discount Code: RYSPRING for 20% off your first purchase until 31/12/21
IG: @freshwaterfarm_aus
FB: @freshwaterfarmaus

Springhill Farm, Almond & Choc Chip Slice + Coconut & Dark Choc Slice

RRP $2.5 per bite 

What: Springhill Farm’s bite-sized dreams, individually wrapped and ready to complete your time out moment. Almond & Choc Chip - Bite into nutty oblivion with almond butter, luscious coconut, decadent choc chips and almond pieces, smothered in dark choc, then sprinkled with crushed almonds. Coconut & Dark Choc - Meet your match with a luscious combination of dark choc, juicy coconut and delicious cocoa, all slathered with dark choc and a sprinkle of fine coconut.

Mini Retreat Step: Is there anything better than an afternoon with mini sandwiches, cakes and endless cups of tea? Nope, didn’t think so. Pick a quiet afternoon with a bit of spring sun, make up a sandwich and cut it into triangles (the novelty is all part of the fun, right?). Then plate up all your goodness next to your Spring Hill Farm bites and brew a big pot of tea. Settle outside in your little nook with your book and high tea, and relax as you snack away on all that deliciousness.

Discount Code: RYSPRING for 20% off the vegan Mixed Box until 31/03/21
IG: @springhill_farm
FB: @SpringhillFarm

Retreat Yourself, Incense and Incense Holder

Incense RRP$19.95, Incense Holder RRP$21.95

What: Coming to you exclusively in the ‘Bloom’ retreat, the RY Incense will fill your space with the fresh spring fragrance of Sakura (Cherry Blossom), representing the arrival of spring and symbolising renewal and regeneration. Made with a minimal and timeless style, the Incense Holder will keep your incense upright whilst also looking beautiful on your shelf. Use this pair to purify your space and draw in enlivening spring energies.

Mini Retreat Step: Whenever you are settling down to spend some time with yourself, it can be helpful to set the scene. Dim the lights and light your incense. Let the scent wash over you like a calming wave wrapping around your self-care time. With continual use, your brain will start to recognise that with this scent comes a sense of calm and release that sense of time of its own accord as soon as it senses the smell.


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    I love the amount of information given about each product.
    I also appreciate your suggestions on how and when to use them.
    Thank you.

  • Bonnie Le Compte

    Hey there,
    I’m obsessed with the incense in the bloom box and wondering where I can get more ?

  • Marilyn Chester

    Thank you so much for the info on the gorgeous products in the box,I so love each one and will buy the products when I run out keep well and safe

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