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Indulge more, not less - 20 mins

Indulge more, not less - 20 mins

“I deserve to feel amazing when I nourish my body.”

Life is too short not to enjoy the things you really love. On the other hand, what you power your body with matters, too; you need the right nutrients to thrive. Are you battling between these two mindsets, constantly unsure whether to grab the chocolate chip cookie or munch on a carrot?

It’s time to stop the mental war, because those two ways of eating actually come together beautifully. You can enjoy those cheeky, decadent foods you love — wholeheartedly and without guilt. Best of all, you can do it while nourishing your body with vitamins, nutrients, superfoods and nourishing bites. It’s not too good to be true. Just like all things in life, eating is about coming into balance; pairing the two together to bring nutrition and joy into one.

Use this Retreat Ritual to create a snack plate that fills the body, mind and soul, allowing you to indulge in what you crave while fuelling your body with what you need. Food facilitates happiness (and fun, when shared with those you love), so don’t feel like you need to stay away from what makes you feel your very best — you can enjoy what you love. This is our favourite way to do it.


Feelings: Feel nourished, feel fulfilled.

Time required: 20 minutes.

What you’ll need: A snack selection of your choice.


  1. You will be preparing a personal snack plate full of body-nourishing goodness, so start with your favourite serving platter or a board that brings joy. You will be adding items to this plate that come from three distinct categories, so leave lots of room for your own interpretation. 
  1. Start with the nourishing, nutrient-rich foods your body needs. Load up your plate with fruit, veggies, nuts and all the goodness; the things you’re proud to fuel your body with each day. 
  1. Next, add what you crave. That cookie you’ve been thinking about? Break it into bits for a snack-size selection on your plate. A handful of chocolate chips here, a few of your favourite crackers there, a selection of cheeses that please. 
  1. Get creative and add pieces that blend the two categories. A better-for-you brownie or nutrient-packed fudge bite hits both spots perfectly. You can find a range of recipes here.
  1. Indulge in your snack plate, or invite someone to share. Take in all the flavours, colours, textures and feelings they bring. Instead of filling up on just one thing and feeling bored or guilty after, find joy in the variation your snack plate brings. This is an easy way to bring balance to your plate; you get to enjoy a snack-size portion of what you love most, and those healthy bites feel more fun as they round out your plate. Indulge more, not less, as you fill up a snack plate that ticks every health and happiness-centred box.


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