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The little moments you keep for yourself, they matter.

The little moments you keep for yourself, they matter.

Sometimes it feels like you are careening through your life, moving at an incredible pace from day to day, Monday through Friday. And you might only remember to breathe when you hit Saturday and Sunday.

When you are in this state, it can be easy to let the things that matter to you, like reading in the morning, or walking the dog at sunrise, fall to the wayside in favour of more important, pressing items on your to-do list.

And so, you fly through the week without doing anything for yourself. You fly through tasks so quickly that your feet barely hit the ground. You know what is important to you, but just for this period of time, you don't prioritise it. Because you are busy, right? Things need to be done, right?

But take a step back and look at the scale. Weigh up the things you are doing for yourself, your sanity and your happiness and compare that to the things you are doing for others, the commitments you prioritise, the errands you are running, and the workplace you are serving. Where does the scale sit?

It's looking awfully light on the side that you reserve for yourself, hey?
It happens bit by bit - you skip your morning routine once in favour of a sleep-in, the next day you work through lunch, cancel your work out in the evening and suddenly, after a week, you realise you haven't done anything for yourself.

You might think that each of these little moments aren't big deals, but it's the culmination; it's the fact that you put yourself second, constantly.
These small parts of your day that you keep for yourself, are what keep you grounded. They are the magic moments that make life slow down, which mean your weeks don't flash by.

They are essential; whatever they are, they are an integral part of your being, of your soul. They are perhaps the most important part of life. They are the snippets of time that, when having lived a full life, you'll look back and remember all the quiet sunrises you witnessed walking your dog or all the calm mornings you spent reading.

So try to remember that nothing comes above your happiness; nothing comes above your sanity. And if taking an hour each day, or five minutes or your lunch break, is what keeps you grounded, then prioritise that time.


  • Sam

    Oh what a fantastic gem to receive today. After feeling flat all morning, I couldn’t get myself in the mindset for work. After a Pilates session that nourished the muscles, I sat in the sun to nourish the soul. Then this came along….I definitely need to do more for me & this came just in time! ♥️

  • Vicki

    This was such a timely reminder to me personally to take some time for me. Apart from what is happening in the world right now, in the last 18 months my mother passed away, my walking partner (my dog) died, my father began to eat into every spare moment I had taking time away from me & other things I love, time with my grandkids & my horses. I’m determined to get some me time back.

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