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EOFY Mid Year Reset SALE: Use code RESET20 for 20% OFF | Express shipping + Afterpay available

Time audit - 30/60 mins

Time audit - 30/60 mins

In this Retreat Ritual, you’ll be doing a little assessment of your life and how you spend your time. Are you making time for happiness and all of the things you know contribute positively to your health, or are you being consumed by bad habits that are counterproductive? 

The cool thing about an exercise like this, is that once you have visibility over your life and you truly identify what’s serving you and what’s not, you have the ability to transform your life.


Feelings: Feel grounded, feel motivated

Time required: 30-60 minutes, it’s good to do this activity regularly to check in with yourself 

What you’ll need: A pen and some paper or journal to write on


  1. Start by thinking of your time habits - where are you spending most of your time? Write this down.
  2. Then next to these habits, write whether they’re contributing positively or negatively to your life, and how/why.
  3. Now that you’ve identified how your time habits are affecting your life, have a think about what you would like to change - are there any habits you could introduce or boundaries you could set that would ensure you spend less time doing this particular thing, and spending more time on the things that fill you up?
  4. Once you’ve finished, share what you’ve learned with someone close to you that can support you to stick to your goals.

An example could be that you spend two hours a day on your phone, and this is contributing negatively to your life because it’s distracting you from your work and taking you away from being present with your family. A boundary you could set is to put your phone into ‘flight mode’ at 8pm every night so you can’t access the internet, or turn your phone off while at work.

Affirmation: I am dedicated to doing things that fill me up and make me smile.


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